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Promax Lipo RF Tightening

Solving post-pregnancy loose skin and cellulite by using ultrasonic cavitation and radiofrequency technologies.

What is Promax Lipo RF Tightening?

One of the most effective post-pregnancy and cellulite treatments is ProMax Lipo; a non-surgical liposuction and radiofrequency skin tightening treatment which combines three of the most effective technologies. You’ll receive the benefits of a vacuum massage, bipolar & multipolar radiofrequency, and ultrasonic cavitation in one treatment.

Due to its ability to achieve an instant inch loss and significant cellulite reduction, ProMax Lipo has been dubbed as the ‘instant, non-invasive face-lift’.

How does Promax Lipo RF Tightening Work

ProMax Lipo involves three innovative technologies:

Bi-polar radiofrequency heats the dermal layer in facial tissue, which has the effect of ‘lifting’ stubborn areas, contracting connective tissues. This technique can also stimulate collagen production.

Ultrasonic cavitation causes deep vibrations within fatty tissue, which can activate ‘bubbles’ in the interstitial fluid between fat cells.

Vacuum massage helps the lymphatic drainage of fat cells which have sustained damage in the ultrasonic cavitation stage of the treatment, aiding the removal of toxins from the body.

Who Can Benefit from Promax Lipo RF Tightening?

Suitable candidates for ProMax Lipo include adults within 30 per cent of their ideal body weight, with good muscle tone and firm skin. It also helps to be a non-smoker and have a positive and realistic attitude towards body contouring and what you want to achieve. ProMax Lipo can be ideal for you if excess fat deposits on your body have not responded to excess or a change in diet.

It might not be a suitable procedure for; pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with implanted electrical devices and metal implants.

ProMax Lipo shouldn’t be seen as a total weight loss solution for obese individuals. Rather, it is used to treat localised pockets of stubborn fat.

The Advantages of Promax Lipo RF Tightening

There is a range of potential benefits for those choosing the Promax Lipo RF Tightening treatment

Visible Results

A pain-free treatment which is quick and offers instant results; administered using technology which is safe and clinically proven; enables the reduction of facial wrinkles and cellulite.

Fat Reduction

Enables fat reduction in many locations around the body; is an effective method of body toning and shaping.