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Muscle Slimming With Botox


Muscle Slimming with Botox

Muscle slimming involves injecting Botox into either the shoulders or the calves to temporarily reduce the muscle mass in the treatment area to make it appear slimmer.

What is Muscle Slimming with Botox?

Muscle slimming with Botox is a kind of non-invasive body reshaping treatment. Botox (also known as Botulinum toxin) is injected into the treatment area to reduce or reshape it, creating a more streamlined and sculpted look. Results are seen from two weeks after procedure, with optimum results appearing one to two months after.

At RejuvLab we offer muscle slimming with Botox in two areas:

  • Shoulders: Botox is injected directly into the trapezius to shrink the muscle, reducing bulk and creating a longer, slimmer and more feminine neck and shoulder area. This procedure can also release tension in the area to improve posture.
  • Calves: Botox is injected into the calf area of the legs. This helps to reduce and define bulky calves for a more streamlined, well-proportioned look to the lower leg.

How Does Muscle Slimming with Botox Work?

In both the shoulder and the calf area, muscle slimming with Botox works in similar ways. To treat the shoulders, Botox is injected into the trapezius muscle (commonly known as the traps). To treat the calves, Botox is injected into the gastrocnemius muscle, the muscle largely responsible for bulkiness and definition in the area. In both instances this restricts the activity of the muscles in the area, leading to atrophy and shrinkage of the muscle.

Muscles within the body (particularly the legs) are much more active than those in the face. Because of this, it is likely to take two to three treatments to achieve desired results. This is also a temporary procedure, with results lasting around six months to a year.

Who Can Benefit from Muscle Slimming with Botox?

As a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, there is very little downtime to muscle slimming with Botox. This means it could be a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid painful surgical options to reduce mass in certain areas – these kind of procedures will often also leave scars and require lots of recovery time.

Treatment in the shoulders can be beneficial for anyone looking to slim down the area to create a more feminine and elegant appearance around the shoulders and neck.

Treatment in the calves can be beneficial for anyone looking to reduce the size of their calves to create the appearance of longer, more defined legs. It can also be useful for correcting non-symmetrical muscles in the area.

The Advantages of Muscle Slimming with Botox

There are plenty of advantages to this procedure:

  • Little to no recovery time
  • Takes less than an hour
  • No scarring
  • Non-invasive, with very few safety risks
  • Results can be seen from as early as two weeks after treatment


Is muscle slimming with Botox treatments safe?

Yes. At RejuvLab, patient safety is paramount, and muscle slimming with Botox procedures are carried out by experienced doctors who will be there to advise you every step of the way.

Provided these procedures are administered correctly, they carry very few risks. If you have worries, chat with one of our doctors who can answer questions you may have.

Are there any side effects from muscle slimming with Botox?

While muscle slimming with Botox is very safe, they still carry some potential risks (as with any cosmetic procedure). Be sure to discuss this with one of our practitioners ahead of your treatment, especially as each procedure is different.

How much does muscle slimming with Botox cost?

Treatment costs vary depending on the procedures chosen. To find out more about treatment costs, book a consultation with one of our practitioners now.

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