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Chemical Peel


Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are the new generation of chemical facial solutions, containing ingredients that treat various skin problems.

What are Chemical Peels?

They are safe and efficient products which are designed for home use, or use by cosmetic professionals. These treatments are typically used to address the signs of ageing and imperfections, as well as a wide range of conditions – from acne to hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

How Chemical Peels Work

Speeding up the cell renewal process with medical peels has plenty of benefits for the skin. Because our skin renews naturally around every 28 days, when this process becomes slower – due to factors such as adolescence, menopause or pregnancy – the result can be skin alterations; from wrinkles to pigmentation and acne.

In general, medical peels can be classified according to their depth. Very superficial peels produce a uniform skin tone and can assist in achieving a more radiant appearance. Superficial peels target the epidermal to the basal layer and are able to stimulate growth via the removal of the stratum corneum, producing a peeling which is similar to that experienced following sunburn.

Medium peels remove the epidermis entirely before it completely regenerates. The deep peel is able to bring about an inflammatory response in the reticular dermis, which leads to the reconstruction of elastin and collagen fibres.

Who Can Benefit from Chemical Peels?

If you want to combat the signs of ageing or have one of the conditions mentioned above, you could be suitable for medical peels. You may not be suitable for medical peel treatments if you have; kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, or are pregnant.

You will be assigned a depth of medical peel according to the typology and condition of your skin.

The Advantages of Chemical Peels

There is a range of potential benefits for those choosing the chemical peels

Immediate and Progressive Visiable Results

Results which are achieved in a safe and controlled way; the ability to oxygenate and purify the skin; improves the texture of the skin; lightens dark spots; softens wrinkles and addresses other ageing signs; reduces the visible signs of acne; and can improve the appearance of facial scars.

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