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RejuvLab: Facial Review


Rejuv Lab in Harley Street, London is aiming to create a breakthrough in aesthetics by giving access to cutting-edge technology and advanced holistic wellness programs. They are advocates of working on balancing the mind, body and spirit to counter ageing and attain eternal beauty inside out. The treatment menu offers innovative therapies using the latest technologies, as well as bespoke facial treatments for an ongoing wellness programme that you can plan with your therapist.

Nalan Aksahin at Rejuv Lab

The clinic prides themselves on offering the finest hospitality and experience to everyone who steps through their doors; continuing this experience throughout your entire beauty and wellness journey with them. As you do step through the doors you arrive to a stunning, light and spacious waiting area where the receptionist was really friendly when she greeted me before my appointment.

I was booked for a facial treatment and decided on the day that I didn’t want to have anything too invasive with downtime required. Nalan, my therapist was very knowledgeable and gave me great advice on what I could have after assessing my skin, I am concerned about pigmentation but any treatment for that is best to start in the winter. My facial began with a manual cleanse with a really nice face massage, then an epidermal cleanse and exfoliation with Envy Medical Dermalinfusion; using the skin brightening solution. Other solutions available are; Pore Clarifying, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. Then Radiofrequency for collagen and skin tightening contraction with the Promax Lipo machine. To finish a Hydrating Mask from FilmMed which left my skin feeling so plump and it really glowed for the next few days.

At its core, Rejuv Lab is a centre of aesthetic excellence where you can have so many treatments for face and body from Coolscuplting, Microneedling, Thermage and Laser Pigmentation Reduction. I liked that my therapist also had a holistic background previously working with massage and essential oils, so was able to give very good advice on how to look after my skin. I plan to go back in the winter for treatment on my pigmentation and would recommend Nalan, my therapist to anyone who is looking to improve their skin and is wondering what are the best types of treatments for them.

PRP Rejuvenation with Rejuv Lab


I guess it’s because you literally couldn’t find a more natural treatment, that PRP is always one of the first treatments I seem to turn to after having a baby. So with baby no three fully weaned and on the move, it felt only right to revisit one of my old favourites for some much needed post baby skin rejuvenation.

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP as its often referred to, is the procedure of separating your own platelets from your blood and modifying it, by putting it in a state of high concentration via a centrifuge to achieve optimal results, before injecting it back to the area you want to treat. In short, this biostimulation, uses your body’s own responses to the treatment to produce the desired result . Pretty incredible right?!

Originally designed to aid post surgical healing, PRP is now widely used as an anti-aging treatment (does the vampire facial ring any bells?) and is rapidly gaining momentum as a solution for hair loss. Often used in conjunction with Botox or fillers to improve the appearance of the complexion, benefits include, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, improved skin tone and texture, and increased speed of wound healing. Basically, its a one stop shop for skin issues. It is also 100% natural.


To reverse the damage caused by baby no three (I love him really), I stopped by Rejuv Lab on London’s Harley Street. A unique boutique aesthetic centre, Rejuv Lab offers a myriad of advanced aesthetic treatments from skin and weight management, to face and body contouring, and hair regeneration. It also offers a range anti-ageing and aesthetic enhancement solutions, all performed by a team of renowned aesthetic doctors and certified aesthetic practitioners, set amongst a carefully curated array of stylish ornaments and designer furniture.


First, two vials of blood are drawn from my arm (Sounds scary I know, but the truth is, the doctor at Rejuv Lab was so gentle and I was so busy chatting, that I hardly even noticed my blood had been taken), before being placed in a centrifuge, which spins the vials an average of 3,000 times per minute, separating the PRP from the rest of the blood.

Using ultra fine needles, the doctor injects the Platelet-Rich Plasma into my previously discussed areas of concern; jawline, marionettes and crows feet. She then continues to inject the remaining PRP into multiple spots on my face, for an all-over skin rejuvenation. Though I can’t say the procedure is painless, the extra fine needles, which are used by diabetics, did make the experience significantly more comfortable. For those super sensitive to the call of the needle, numbing cream is available.

Whilst you may benefit from some instant plumping from the injection of fluid, it’s important to note that these initial results are only temporary. PRP works deep on a cellular level, which means real results develop over a period of several months. For those wanting optimum results, two to three sessions, spaced three or four weeks apart are advised initially and then patients can top up once every six months to a year depending on need.


24 hours before going under the needle, avoid alcohol and if medically possible, any medications that could impact your platelets, such as aspirin, ibuprofen or blood thinners, as these could effect the amount of Platelet-Rich Palsma you are able to harvest and therefor your results.

Post treatment your skin might look rather red and as I did, you may experience some pin prick sized bruises, but they were easy to hide with makeup and disappeared with few days. Of course as with any treatment using needles, slightly larger bruises can happened, along with swelling, tenderness, and superficial peeling. However this is all normal and actually a natural part of the healing process.


Once the bruising had gone down and the initial plumping dispersed, it took around six weeks for the full results to become apparent. There was a visible softening around the crows feet area, along with a noticeable improvement in skin texture and firmness but what I really noticed was the overall appearance of my complexion. Glowing and bright, gone is the overall look of a harassed and tired new mum and in its place, one that appears more vibrant, awake and ready to face the day.

With the average cost of PRP around £500 per session it may not be the cheapest treatment out there, but if you are looking for a something that is 100% natural, relatively risk free with proven results and very little downtime, there really isn’t anything like it!

To find out more about PRP Rejuventaion or to book your consultation with Rejuv Lab London head to

Dialing back a Covid year: skin tightening with morpheus 8

Covid has had its impact and one of the things I have heard is people feel they have aged, I think we just all missed a year plus day to day interaction with friends and so we seem a bit older and even a bit fatter (definitely the last one in my case).
Anti-ageing is something that most people are comfortable with, some surveys show lawyers are the biggest users of cosmetic enhancements, but as time progresses, many of us have tried treatments and some work and some don’t. However, time is improving the offerings which are moving from the medical world into cosmetic improvements.

Karen Jones

A more, natural and sustainable anti ageing treatment is my preference and micro needling does seem to have stood the test of time. Now with radio frequency offered by the Rejuv Lab it is much improved. Although it is a pricey treatment it is a good quality one.

Based in the Rejuv Lab in Harley Street, the clinic is beautiful and very smart in style for check in. You can rest assured proper procedures are in place. Morpheus 8 RF microneedling typically use a topical anaesthetic which is applied to the skin in advance of the procedure. After a period of around half an hour, the procedure itself uses microscopic needles to create tiny punctures in the skin, starting the rejuvenation process through controlled healing. The Morpheus 8 device also applies fractionated RF energy in order to heat the tissue, enabling skin tightening and increase collagen production.

Personally I would recommend a couple of good pain killers in advance, the treatment does require a bit of tolerance and feels like a stapler on your face. However for beauty we suffer, so they say but this treatment did not take long so it is more the worry of it than the actual discomfort.

I was expecting redness on my face after the treatment, and yes I did look like I had jam all over it, like Abfab but I was
delighted that in 45 minutes (I counted) it had gone and I was able to go to a dinner party with everyone asking if I had been for a facial and who did it because I looked amazing.

It is a dramatic and noticeable lift in the face which is meant to continue improving. My skin looks much better and firmer and it does make you feel a bit fomo for some more.